The explosion of innovation in online, mobile and blended learning creates unprecedented opportunities for reaching more people, more effectively and at lower costs.


Your organization continuously strives to change people’s minds in order to to innovate at the workplace or in their daily lives. The drive for innovation, entrepreneurship and social change is everywhere. 

In our learning initiatives, we can bring 20 people to a workshop or a classroom, and capture their undivided attention for the day. But to drive the change we need, we must reach out to many people at once. Our content may be the best, but we still face tough competition to gain and retain people’s attention. We need to engage our people emotionally, to give them a reason to listen and react to our message and contents.

Our mission at MOOCs & Co is to help you create the learning experiences that will move your learners’ minds and hearts, and achieve the effects you desire.
We can help you understand the potential of learning innovations, assist you in choosing those that best suit your needs, and guide you through the production and implementation of new learning schemes.

We invite you to embark on a journey that will transform your learning strategies, and respond to your organization’s needs and mission. 


Design thinking

We offer our clients a full consultancy service based on a collaborative design thinking process through which we conceptualize and prototype the learning experience together, and define how to promote learners’ engagement.

By the end of the design thinking process, our clients have a clear idea of the sequential learning activities they must enact in order to achieve their goals, and the strategies they must apply to fully engage their learners in the learning process. They also gain a deeper understanding of how to use the tools and resources at their disposal, as well as those that must be produced.

New learning solutions

We help our clients choose and produce the type of courses they require: online courses (MOOCs, often renamed SPOCs, COOCs…), self-paced or scheduled, collaborative or individual, content-driven or project-based, fully open or restricted to a closed audience, and those that combine blended learning experiences with face-to-face interactions.

We offer a wide range of production skills and technological solutions that are fully compatible with our clients’ learning management systems and that integrate the latest innovations in learning analytics and adaptive learning. 

Our method

A wholistic service

Our holistic service will support you throughout all the learning innovation phases: from conception to execution and evaluation.

KNOWLEDGE The knowledge you need Making the right decisions starts with understanding the tools available and how to choose between them. What are the pros and cons? We provide the knowledge you need in a format you can use.
STRATEGY Defining needs There are no “one size fits all” solutions in education. We can help you define your needs, and identify the path that will lead you to success. 
DESIGN Designing the interventions Who do you want to reach? What assets can you utilize? How do you use the resources to achieve your goals? Our tools and methods address such design challenges.
PRODUCE Producing tools and resources We help you to find the right producers and developers for the content you need, and ensure the highest quality outputs.
DELIVER Delivering the experience The critical phase of an eLearning project often starts after production ends, when learners are interacting with content and activities. We help you plan and execute this phase to maximize impact and minimize risks.
EVALUATION Evaluating every step How can you gauge success? What needs improving for the next round? Evaluation is embedded into everything we do, from day one until long after a project is completed.

We can develop learning solutions for you - but we prefer to help you build them yourself.  



MOOCs & Co is a service provided by P.A.U. Education, a company with more than 15 years’ experience in the field of innovative learning:

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Pierre-Antoine Ullmo

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo is the founder of P.A.U. Education and a recognized expert in education and innovative learning. He supports and advises European Commission officials, general directors and CSR directors from leading multinationals in the field of education, innovative learning and social development; coordinates the Open Education Europa Portal – the major gateway for innovative learning in Europe, and is co-founder of the Open Education Challenge, the first European incubator for education startups.

Yishay Mor

Yishay Mor is P.A.U. Education's Educational Design Scientist, and a senior member of the company’s Innovation in Education team. Yishay is a scholar of international standing in educational technology, learning design and educational design research. He has led, or co-led several national and European projects, exploring the potential of new technologies in education, developing powerful new pedagogical tools and the technologies to support them, and creating the means for sharing good practices in education. 

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